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Miami Herald, The (FL)
May 23, 1983
Author: BILL COSFORD Herald Movie Critic

Screwballs, the latest attempt to capture the essence (or at least the box-office take) of Porky's, does not aim so high as My Tutor. At stake is not virginity but mere voyeurism: The boys of Taft and Adams High School (that's "T.A." on the cheerleaders' sweaters) have vowed to seduce the school's last virgin, Miss Purity Busch, but they will settle happily for just a look at her breasts. The story of this endeavor consumes 80 minutes of film.

And it's a more entertaining story than My Tutor, because it is occasionally funny. It's occasionally dumb, too, and thoroughly tasteless -- particularly when the school nerd, bowling naked, becomes entangled with his ball. Don't ask.

The formula here is joke-a-second, which means that some hit even while most are missing. This does not recommend Screwballs for grownups, though the scene in which Principal Stuckoff refers to his students as "vermin, heathens and scum" is enjoyable on virtually any level.

Too much of the material here plays off lactation and masturbation to keep any but the most repressed adult interested, though there is no denying the vitality of the production. It is, if nothing else, enthusiastic.

And because it is less bound by formula -- less stupid, if that can be comprehended -- than Porky's, Screwballs is funnier. That is not saying much, but Screwballs was not conceived as a film for scholarly inquiry. If you like naked women posing as high-school cheerleaders, your moment has arrived.

Movie Review

Screwballs (R) **



Linda Shayne, Peter Keleghan, Lynda Speciale, Alan Daveau, Kent Deuters, Jason Warren, Jim Coburn, Raven de la Croix


Director: Rafal Zielinski

Producer: Maurice Smith

Screenwriters: Linda Shayne, Jim Wynorski

Cinematographer: Miklos Lente

Music: Tim McCauley


A Millenium release


Running time: 80 minutes


Vulgar language, nudity, sexual situations


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