Miami Herald, The (FL)
May 25, 1983
Author: BILL COSFORD Herald Movie Critic

My favorite part of the new film, Mausoleum, is when Marjoe Gortner, playing a worried husband who has just been told that his wife is possessed by the devil, goes home, finds her more peevish than usual and asks, "Susie, what's gotten into you this evening, anyway?" But others may have their favorites, too.
Perhaps the scene in which Susie (played by Bobbie Bresee) is accosted by the gardener in her kitchen. Gardener: "We're alone at last." Susie: "What did you say?" Gardener: "Ah, the coffee. It smells good."

Or this romantic badinage involving Marjoe and Bobbie. He: "What's for dinner?" She: "Poached salmon. And me."

Mausoleum is that kind of movie, just bad enough from start to finish to be thoroughly entertaining to the connoisseur of potboilers. It's about Susie, who is a descendant of the infamous Nomed family (Nomed -- spell it backwards and it's Demon.), whose first-born girl children have long had problems with demonic possession. In the early going, a concerned
caretaker tries to prevent the young Susie from mucking about in the old mausoleum, but her eyes turn green and he stumbles out into the sunlight, where his head explodes.

Similar things happen to men who cross paths with the grown-up Susie, who fills the hours when Marjoe is at work by luring a variety of menials into the mansion, where they are exploded or worse. By mid-picture, the family has no domestics left, and there's gore all over the kitchen phone, but Marjoe never does figure it out. He gets his when Susie's breasts grow teeth (this is what really happens, yes).

Mausoleum was so casually made that toward the end, when Bresee flubbed a line and then giggled about it, the filmmakers said the hell with it and kept on rolling. It has dialogue to match its shabby effects, and it is wonderfully funny. Study the names of the cast and crew below; they may work again.


Mausoleum (R) no stars



Marjoe Gortner, Bobbie Bresee, Norman Burton, La Wanda Page, Maurice Sherbanee, Laura Hippe


Director: Michael Dugan

Producer: Robert Madero

Screenwriter: Robert Madero

Cinematographer: Robert Barich

Music: Jamie Mendoza-Nava


An MPM release


Vulgar language, nudity, sexual situations, violence and gore


At Omni, Trianon, Marina, Ambassador, Miller Square, Movies at the Falls, 27th Avenue, Movie City, Movies of Pompano, Sheridan, Coral Springs, Movies of Plantation, Lakeshore Drive-In, Thunderbird Drive-In.

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